9 Jul 2012

I love these

Oh my dilly. Have you seen the Brita water bottles that have the built in water filters in them? They are the best invention ever, well they are if you are a freak like me.
Living where we do we drink a lot of water all the time. We don't go anywhere without water, EVER. I don't buy bottled water  as we have tonnes of BPA free bottles that we just run through the dishwasher and refill with filtered water from the fridge. The kids don't take juice drinks to school they only get water and water is all that Rosie drinks. Occasionally she'll drink V8 but her beverage of choice is water.

I saw these little marvels at Target and they were on sale so I grabbed a couple and have since gone back and grabbed a couple more. You can fill them up ANYWHERE and the water is filtered as you drink it. I don't let my kids drink from water fountains or public "anythings" due to all my hang ups but now they can at least fill there bottles from a tap and I don't freak out as the water is filtered.

Yes, I have already mentioned that I am a basketcase.

These things are sheer genius I tell ya, sheer genius. Oh and I wasn't paid a red cent for doing this ad it's just me being nice! The bottles are BPA free and can be put in the dishwasher. GO ahead get some, you won't be sorry. 


Luciana said...

That's awesome Dawn! You know, I was planning on getting Brita while in town so we don't have to keep buying bottled water. This is truly genius!!!

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Vivian M said...

Love it!!

Tammie said...

I have been wondering how they well they work. Thanks for the info! I'll be buying a few myself!


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