17 Jun 2012

Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to my Father, who in my never humble opinion, set the bar pretty darned high and also to Jacob who is an amazing Father to the girls.

If it's good for the gander then it must be good for the goose, at least that's what my girls think. The girls decided that Jacob would LOVE breakfast in bed so that is what they gave him but luckily for him I cooked it and they only served it.  They were so proud as they carried it into him.

In fact we pretty much dittoed Mothers Day today. It was such a lovely day that it made sense to do it all over again. The only difference was that instead of eating dinner on the Beach we headed to a BBQ joint of Jacobs choosing and had a huge meal.

I love this card that Rosie made. He has so many teeth,
For all of my astute readers, yes she is wearing a different bathing suit finally. I bought her 2 new ones for swimming lessons and she won't wear anything else. Today I said the others were in the wash......bad mama.

This girl loves her the beach, oh wait, this girl loves everything 
begging to go out deeper daddy
We headed to the beach late n the day which is when Jacob loves to go. We were amazed out how crowded it still was. We had so much fun but then we usually do. Rosie is more of a dare devil that Lily in the waves but perhaps that is because she stays in Jacobs arms. Happy Fathers Day.


val said...

Happy Father's Day Jacob

"My beautiful teeth you have!"

Vivian M said...

Happy Father's Day Jacob!


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