1 Apr 2012

The un-Handyman

A couple of weeks ago the tap in the kitchen started to drip. Hubby did whatever it was that he did and the drip stopped. Last week it started dripping again so he did whatever he did and it stopped dripping. He mentioned something about a new tap but nothing happened. Have I ever mentioned here that nothing about my husbands life is urgent EVER. I love the man dearly and god knows if we were both as nuts active as me our lives would be insane but to get him to do anything, anything at all, I have to light a fire under his bum. Late yesterday afternoon the girls and I came home from a quickish bike ride to find that the tap in the kitchen was trickling, not dripping and not running but trickling and would not turn off. I had to turn the water off in order to make it stop. When I spoke to hubby later on I mentioned it and he said in his usual way, "I'll have to do something about it". Yes dear you will, like TOMORROW!
Today arrived and to my amazement without me saying a word he started working on the sink. I knew he meant business as he took everything out from underneath it and asked me to go with him to pick out a new one. A momentarily heard angels sing.

Have I also ever mentioned that he is the most un-handyman EVER? Oh dear lord have mercy. I am quite good and if I don't really know what to do I have three options, one is ring my Father who can fix just about anything, research the living crap out of it and dive right it or as a last resort call in the pro's. I was planning on doing this job myself but Jacob was also planning on doing it himself and when he offers I take cover and take the kids to higher ground.

The trip to Home Depot went smoothly, sort of. Just one little-ish problem but it wasn't to bad and we didn't get banned for life or anything. Once we got home things didn't go as smoothly but thankfully the 9 year old  who does read instructions helped her Daddy through the whole process and pretty much put the tap together and fitted it into the sink and connected the water back to the hoses without to much fuss at all. They were done in no time.

 Removing the old taps

Working together
Lily hard at work

Connecting the lines
Tada, she did it, well they did it.


val said...

You go Lily! If I read that right there's a miniature Dawn in the making!

Andie said...

Well done. Has to be an advantage having someone who can actually fit under the sink though! Now I remember why they got children to sweep chimneys!!

franymag said...

I love the new faucet!! Nice! And good team work. :)


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