31 Mar 2012

Spring cupcakes

Lily's new friends mum is a graduate of a culinary school. If she bakes cookies you drool at the sight of them, if she bakes cakes you just sort of want to dive in head first, well I do. Of course it doesn't hurt that she is also an extremely artsy crafty person as well. When we were at the pool the other day she casually she showed me some photos of a couple of her cakes, they were really gorgeous.

I decided to try something this morning with the girls, a little less, creative but fun and Easter/Springish none the less. Rosie immediately piped up in her horrified voice, "ohhh, you are copying Mari", which just made me giggle.The only common element in them was the use of Peeps. The girls had loads of fun and were really quite creative and they definitely ingested enough sugar to last them a whole week.

The end result is really cute but I have no idea what on earth I am going to do with all these little chickadees. I think we will be heading off to the neighbours that we know and wishing them a happy Spring and sharing some of the sugar cos they just can't stay here!

The funniest part was when I realised that I only had one box of Peeps and we needed 24. Without the girls noticing I went to my Easter stash and grabbed another box. Rosie suddenly realised and wanted to know where they came from. Lily just said, Mummy always hides candy in the house for herself, don't you know that yet!

The colours are really off today not sure what happened. Oh well they taste fine even if they look iffy in the photos.


One Happy Mama said...

They look yummy! I bet they were fun to make too! I am a PEEPS-head, anything with a Peep on/in it has to be wonderful. Kudos to you for venturing out! I am not very creative when it comes to cooking but I do admire it!

val said...

Don't all Mom's have a secret stash? Candy that is!

Anonymous said...

hi What are peeps peeps????xxbb

dawn said...

Peeps are those little marshmallow chicks on top of the cakes, they come in all sorts of colours and shapes and taste like nothing on earth. Much lighter than ordinary marshmallows. So help me, they now come covered in chocolate.

So those my peeps are Peeps.


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