5 Apr 2012

Egg Hunt

Rosie had an Easter party and egg hunt at school today. Her teacher asked a few of us if we would be able to help out. I'm sure lots of exciting and wonderful things happened but it was all just a huge whir of kids and excitement with a couple of 100 plastic eggs thrown in for good measure. I didn't get one photo of the egg hunt, not one. It rained this morning so the kids weren't able to have the hunt on the playing field it had to be done in the outside corridors instead so it was a little cramped but nothing dreadful. Rosie was at the back of the line as we left the classroom so she was one of the last kids to see the eggs. She was a little bewildered by it all because by the time she got to where the kids were all the eggs were gone. What she couldn't see was all the eggs ahead of the crowd. I made my way to the front so I could get some pictures but stopped to help a little boy get an egg that he had dropped under the fence. He then ran towards another one and was yelled at and I do mean yelled at by another mothers who said, "that's hers, she saw it first, give it back". I was dumbfounded. The ground was awash with eggs, they were everywhere and as this little boy went to pick one up this Mother was claiming it for her child. I think I must have stood in the same spot aghast for a good 10 seconds before regaining my composure and looking for Rosie who had finally seen the eggs and was picking one up. Rosie ended up with 6 eggs in her basket, the child of the greedy old bag had a bucketful and the little boy who was admonished probably had 9 or 10. I found the whole experience thoroughly disheartening. Why is it necessary to have more more more? The kids had empty baskets to begin with so even if they only got one egg they were better off than when they started. Once we returned to the classroom I sat with Rosie whilst she ate her snack and then concocted an excuse and left.
Happy little girl with her eggs

Lining up to go back in the classroom

Sweet little girl

Enjoying the Peep off the top of her cupcake

Making sure she eats it all
My mission now is to really make my children understand that they don't need MORE and that the world is not all about them and what they have. wish me luck.


val said...

I do wish you luck....but have no doubt you can do it! There are no words for people like that!!!

Andie said...

Just think the kid with all the eggs might go on to be overweight, and he'll definitely get bad teeth!!

Vivian M said...

Good luck! We have been working on that for awhile. :o)


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