9 Apr 2012

Curly Sue and her sidekick Twirly

Just as the girls were about to go to bed on Saturday night, nice an early, so that they wouldn't be cranky pants on Sunday, they asked me to curl their hair. Since Rosie knew she was wearing a dress on Sunday and was none to happy about it i figured the least I could do was make her hair twirly for her.

Lily will sleep in old fashioned foam rollers if she wants curly hair and when she wakes up she looks like Donna Summer. The girl has CURLS. Rosie isn't in to the whole sleeping in curlers and I can't blame her so we do lots and lots of plaits and she wakes up looking like a flash back to Kate Bush in the 80's.

By the time I was through with both of them it was no longer early and they both dashed off to the land of nod looking like this:


Child is going to be frizzy 
Lily, AKA Ena Sharples. ( you have to be English to get that reference) 

Yesterday when we woke up the Easter madness ensued and the hair was forgotten until it was time to get dressed, in a rush. As I took Lily's rollers out her hair just got bigger and bigger. Child had some many enormous curls and she wasn't happy. I did remind her that it was her idea. I wet her hair down a little and it looked great but she still wasn't happy. We ended up washing it but I failed to get a photo before hand. It amazes me that her long straight as an arrow her can get so curly and stay that way all day until it is washed. Rosie on the other hand loved ehr curls, AKA frizz and was very happy to prance about all day that way.


Vivian M said...

Aww would have loved to see curly hair! Kerri's hair is so straight. I would love to get some curls in! Rosie looks adorable in her frizzy curls! :o)

val said...

Oh I so wanted to see what Ena...oops I mean Lily's hair looked liked curly!


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