21 Feb 2012

Spotty Maldoone

I mentioned that on Saturday Rosie was having a nasty reaction to her DTaP shot. On Sunday she woke up covered in spots and still had a rotten fever. I rang the Dr's office to inquire about the spots and was told there was no way it was a reaction to the shot and that she was probably coming down with something. Ok, well that was helpful. I was really pissed off about the response. Rosie had a fever of 103. I wasn't just calling to be a pain in the arse.

Yesterday the fever was gone, her arm no longer looked like it belongs on Mr. T however she still had a deltoid that would make a muscle man proud and her fever was back within normal Rosie range however the spots were even worse. I rang the DR again and made an appointment for that afternoon. Our pediatrician wasn't in yesterday or today so we saw another who is my absolute favourite. He took one look at her and said, She has chicken Pox. He then read her file and realised she had been vaccinated against them twice shook his head and ordered a chickenpox test. It came back negative. He then ordered a test for scarlett fever which also came back negative. He touched, he scrutinised, he rubbed, he scowled, he made Rosie laugh so hard and then he quit!

After all that he said: I think this is an allergic reaction to the shot. (I wanted to yell, I KNEW IT, but I refrained.) He has never seen it before, he ruled out so many other possibilities and that is all that is left. He gave her a paper to take to school stating that she isn't contagious and said it should look a whole let better tomorrow.

It doesn't itch, it isn't painful she just looks like hell. Actually she looks like she slept in a bed with bedbugs.


val said...

Don't you love it! Not! Hope she feels better soon.

Vivian M said...

Glad it is not pox or scarlet fever, neither of those are fun. Looks like hives to me. Hope she gets well soon!

Tammie said...

Poor poor Rosie! Those spots just make me want to scratch.


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