3 Jan 2012

Loving some of it

My little girls, hah who am I kidding, there is nothing little about Lily anymore ~sob, went back to school today. I missed having them here with me. I missed the spontaneity of being able to just pick up and run off somewhere for some fun. I missed the constant chatter and the giggles. The whole of this Christmas break they got on so well. They played together non-stop and the bickering was minimal.

I obviously understand why they have to and need to go to school but I would much rather have them with me all the time. Home schooling is not an option, they would be dumb as bricks if I were in charge of their education but it always seems like a fabulous idea.

Rosie was a little insecure this morning as we sat down for breakfast but I managed to keep her distracted. Lily, other than deciding that school is boring, was more than happy to return to the halls of learning. I had to dress Rosie as if she was visiting the North Pole for the day. The news headlines last night were: Icy blast cools South Florida. Those headlines were correct. Due to the fact that Rosie thinks 70 degrees is freezing I knew dressing her for school today with high temps in the 50's would prove to be a challenge. We just kept adding layers until she resembled a Sumo Wrestler then we rolled her out to the car.

I love this weather, in fact I live for days like this here. I do get very very cold really fast but I love that. When it was time to pick Rosie up I grabbed my jacket and gloves and headed off on my bike. I also took her yet another fleece so that she wouldn't freeze on the way home. The strong winds are making it feels like it is in the 30's. Tonight it is going to be colder and we have a frost warning. They always exaggerate the first cold snap so my guess is it will be in the high 40's. Groovy! I have no idea why I just wrote the word groovy but I will keep it there. Blame it on the cold.

Some of you wanted to know where my photo was from New years Eve. Well, it's like this, they are in the out- take pile otherwise known as the trash. I did try to take one of the 3 of us. First I used my phone cos that has the flippable lens but it came out horrid, then I tried to hold the camera at arms length and shoot blind, that didn't work so I tried again. The kids were fine but either you looked right up my nose holes or I had 57 double chins.

BUT....you wanted to see them so here they are. I have no pride at all you know.

My chins.....
my very large nose holes (Jacob laughed so hard when he saw this one and commented that everyone does this when they take their own picture. )
It just kept getting worser and worser!

Well there you have it. You did ask, afterall!


val said...

Cold? You don't know what cold is!!!

BTW You are looking very "British" in the second pic.....if you know what I mean!! You know "posh"!

Anonymous said...

chin chin....gr8 2 chat yesterday.xxxbb


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