20 Jan 2012

Inside my heart

This morning I was all alone in the kitchen groping through a large storage container marked simply, "Chinese Holidays". I have many of them all marked differently, Christmas, Easter, Valentine's day and so on but the words on the side of this one just struck me. Never in a million years did I ever imagine that I would have a storage container with the words, "Chinese Holidays" on it. As I unpacked the pieces I want to display for Chinese New Year I stopped and pondered each and every one of them. They are all from China, not as in, "made in China" but each one was carefully chosen by us on one of our 2 trips to that beautiful land.

I am so thankful to the Peoples Republic of China for allowing me to parent, not one but two of their precious children. My girls have made my heart whole and have made me a much better person. I hope I never take them for granted, I don't think I ever will due to the journey that led us to them.

They are both so different but yet so alike. They love life and thankfully, more than anything else, they love us. Each morning when they awake the first word uttered by both of them is Mummy. Both of them want to know I am close by when they open their eyes. It's not called with distress, well sometimes it is with Rosie, but more for the reassurance that I am near. Once they see me, their life is fine. I am not discounting Jacob here as sometimes I am gone before they wake up and he is the face of reassurance that they need.

Their beautiful eyes sparkle with a zest for life only seen when one is a child. They play together, as sisters do, oblivious to the lives they once had. A life that I could not be part of.

I love these girls with all my heart and as I hang the lanterns and prepare to read them stories about Chinese New Year I thank my lucky stars they are mine and that we were the ones chosen to be their parents.

Chinese New Year is a time to be together with family. How fitting.

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Gail said...

What a beautiful post Dawn, I think you wrote exactly what so many of us feel!! We are certainly blessed.

Happy New Year!!

val said...

Alrighty ...now pass the kleenex! Great post for being able to express what we all feel!

Tammie said...

Well said my friend. Well said.

Vivian M said...

Amen sister. :o)

Polar Bear said...


Catherine said...

So, so blessed!!!

Maci Miller said...

What a beautiful post!!!


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