21 Jan 2012

Blue sky days

We have a big/long day planned for tomorrow so all I had planned for today was to finish preparations for CNY and keep a low profile. I sent a text to my friend Pam, who happens to be leaving on Wednesday to bring home her daughter Emma, to ask how things were going and if she was packed and before I knew it we had a play date in the park.

I absolutely love this time of year. The skies are crystal clear without a cloud in them and the breeze is downright cold. We spend as much time outside as is possible. Pam actually got a bit cold and had to put her jacket on....Floridians! (before she leaves me a comment I will add that I did have to move into the sun also.)

Noah, just hanging out

Adam, I love his shirt.
Lily, hanging out
and Rosie, who has to do what everyone else is doing, hanging out.
I love this photo of Rosie running. It was not what I was taking a photo of but I cropped the original down when I saw this cos her face is fabulous.

Pam and I spent alot of time talking. She has to be the calmest person that I have ever met who is about to leave for China. Seriously, this lady is so calm.

Pam, J.C., Noah and Adam, and Nana.
have a fantastic trip to baby Emma. May your new life be even more amazing and filled with love than you ever could have imagined.
Can't wait to meet your baby girl.

Love all of us.


val said...

Blue skies? I'm jealous!

Pam said...

We had a wonderful day! Thanks for helping me make the day pass by quickly. We always have fun "hanging" with you guys! Can't believe we leave in 3 days!


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