11 Dec 2011

King Mango Parade

This year the girls and I were invited to participate in the King Mango Parade. It was so much fun last year that we dove at the chance. It wasn't until a few weeks later that I realised the swim meet was on the same day and that we wouldn't be able to do it. Luckily, or so we were told, the swim meet would be over and done by 3-3.30 so we would be able to do both.

Once Lily decided to forfeit her final race we jumped in the car and the kids got changed en route to Wynwood. They always think it is a hoot changing clothes in the car. I did to when I was little. We didn't really know exactly where we were going but the GPS was taking us there. One thing I knew is that we were to park in the Gourmet Food Truck lot and as luck would have it as we exited the expressway a food truck was in front of us. I followed it and my GPS and we arrived at the lot with seconds to spare. The kids grabbed their books and we went looking for our sign and bull whip. We were the Tiger Mom and her 2 cubs.

The crowd had already gathered and things were in full swing. The zombies from Thriller scared Rosie and things were heading downhill fast. She was clinging to me for dear life. I explained that it was all OK but she was having none of it. I was finally able to get her to walk next to me but she was holding my hand so tight my fingers were blue. I was pointing out all the fun things around us and Lily was very much getting into it. Rosie was having none of it.

We marched down to the Wynwood Walls area and finally Rosie calmed down. The merry bunch of revellers disbanded quite quickly so I took the girls and we walked the walls. Unbelievable art everywhere.

The zombies that scared Rosie
International Graffiti Artist, I can't remember his name but his work is amazing.
Inside Wynwood.

I loved this
Lily inside a 70's trailer
Camo deer.
The whole place was just a showcase and something to behold. We loved it.
cool and funky colours everywhere.

Rosie looks as if she was painted right into the picture
One of Lily's favourites
This was Lily's fave

I'm not sure she liked this one after all. She looks a little timid

We really enjoyed ourselves and the day was very full. Lily went to sleep shortly after we got home she was spent.
This morning she told me she had a great time but wishes she hadn't forfeited in her first ever competition. I wished she hadn't also but I didn't tell her that. From now on we stick to one thing and only one thing.

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Love Letters To China said...

I have to just tell you that Lily looks so grown up in these pictures. Wow she really is a beautiful young lady.

I've never heard of this parade before. Looks like it must have been a blast. Might need to look into going next year.



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