12 Dec 2011


It took them ages to find Squirty Smurfy Murphy this morning. In fact I had them pretty convinced that he hadn't come back.

But he was here the whole time, wrapping things up in the downstairs loo.

I stole this idea from a website.

Tomorrow they'll never find him.


Love Letters To China said...

I think I might just do this tonight. I've run out of ideas of my own. I'm going to start searching the web for some ideas too. :-)

Cant wait to see where Squirty Smurfy Murphy ends up tomorrow. :-)


p.s. Are you going to L's party? Would love to see you and your family. We need to catch up.

Anonymous said...

bin him...lol.xxbb

Catherine said...

Ooo...I think Bobble Chippey might read your blog today and find some new mischief to get into tonight! :o)

Maci Miller said...

hahaha! I just love it!


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