20 Dec 2011

I think she has the wrong word.

This evening after their baths I was cutting the girls nails. I sat Rosie up on the counter and was standing quite close when the following conversation took place,

Rosie: Mummy, you have a nipple.
Me: Yes, I expect I do. (wondering why she is saying this as I am fully clothed.)
Rosie: No Mummy you do.
Me: Rosie what are you talking about? (still trying to cut those tiny little nails)
Rosie: (touching my chest with her finger.) Here Mummy, you have a nipple here.
Me: (exasperated) For the 1000th time, it isn't called a nipple it's a mole. You have nipples on your boobies.
Rosie: Oh, these are nipples? (pointing to hers) Well it doesn't matter. You have a nipple right here.
Me; You can't have nipples anywhere other than on your boobies. Honestly, this is called a mole.
Rosie: No, it's a nipple.

Great, now I am a 3 nippled freak!


val said...

Okay.....maybe you can join the circus!

Anonymous said...

Happy Solstice to my 3 nippled sister and her family.xxbb

Vivian M said...

You can join Corey at the circus, according to Kerri he has a peanut. ;o)

Johnny said...


(when you serve it up, I need to take a swat)

Tammie said...

Rosie always leaves me rolling on the floor.

dawn said...

I expect nothing less!


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