19 Dec 2011

He's a cheeky little Elf.

I just can't get over how much fun the girls are having with Squirty Smurfy Murphy. They bound out of bed each morning to see if he has come back. He has come back every single night, much to their delight.

One evening he made himself a little snack
a sandwich in the shape of a little man.

He did a spot of fishing
and even caught one.

One morning Rosie couldn't find him anywhere so I started having conversations with her where I would gesture ALOT with my hands. It still didn't work. Thankfully Lily spotted these little red legs sticking out of the kitchen cupboard.
He was in the cupboard having a snack.

Last night he played with Mr. Potato Head
BUT........he used real potatos

Squirty won't be about much longer so we are going to be sure he goes out with a bang. I have a couple of fun tricks up my sleeve. I think the girls will be delighted.


val said...

OMG...goldfish in the toilet....too funny!

Vivian M said...

I am so going to miss that elf when Christmas is over!

Tammie said...

Man! These elves are so mischievous! Looks like a fun thing to do.

Maci Miller said...

hahaha I love it! We got one a little late this year, but still had some fun. Rubes was a bit freaked though when our elf Chippy took a picture of us sleeping. haha you should have seen her face! Most days we just hung him upside down from somewhere and she thought it was the funniest. Gonna have to come back to your blog next year and steal some of these ideas! The goldfish thing is brilliant!!!


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