28 Nov 2011

Apples and oranges

As most of you know, I am one of three children. My fabulous big brother is the biggest, then their is my wonderful sister and I bring up the rear. We are all totally different. Completely 100% individual. Yet, we love each other unconditionally and love to be together. We put our political differences aside.

My brother has a very big soap box and is VERY passionate about ALL his beliefs. That is what makes him, him. Oddly enough many of the things that have made my brother tick for most of his life are now things that make me tick too. Hmmm.

My sister is the crazy one. She has always let her heart rule her life and make all her decisions. She gets hurt very easily. She is as loyal as any junk yard dog and you always want her on your side.

I miss them both and wish I lived closer, as do my girls.

Me, I was always goody two shoes. I NEVER got into trouble. Never even got a spanking. Lame!

My parents treated us as 3 individuals and sent us to 3 different schools. We were never compared by our teachers. This was a great thing. My sister was a language whiz, a geography know it all, I was not but the teachers could not compare notes. My brother went to boarding school he just got into trouble and was sent home sometimes. Boys will be boys!

I need to put my girls in schools in different countries! Lily is setting the bar really high for Rosie and setting some lofty goals. Lily has always been a go getter whereas Rosie is more of a come hither-er. Lily grabs the world by the horns, Rosie is scared of horns.

Lily gets letters sent home for talking ALLTHETIME. Rosie is to shy to talk. Lily wins math contests, Rosie forgets that number 7 actually exists. Lily could make up poems with rhyming words at age 3. Rosie rhymes Rosie with couch. But I love them both, equally.

We received a really nice letter from one of Lily's teachers today:

A very good morning to the 4 Copes
Re: Lily Cope

Several weeks ago, Lily was playing volleyball on the court, and found a change purse with money in it. She brought it to me, and I told her, I would keep it in my desk & see if anyone claims it. That day, a student which I know asked me if I found a change pure, that his girl friend lost it. It was identified & returned to the rightful owner.

Today, during Lily's physical education class, I spoke to the entire class on what occurred several weeks ago. I told the class that I usually only select a fifth grader for student of the month, because I am only able to select one student each month for this special award. Since Lily showed such character & honesty, I am selecting her for student of the month here at W****** Center for the month of January 2012, when we return to school.

It is such a pleasure to have such a wonderful student such as Lily here at W********** Center and especially with in my physical education class.

Have a wonderful day to the 4 copes.



B**** M*****
Physical Education Dept.
W******** Center

It's not fair, Rosie can't compete with this.
Does anybody have any addresses of overseas schools?


val said...

Dawn..I have 3 children who are so different from each other it blows my mind. My oldest son is like my husband, my middle son is like me & brings new meaning to the term "middle child syndrome"!! My daughter, the youngest, is like nobody I know & marches to her own drummer. Rosie will surprise you in her own way. She has her own personality & I can see how she is getting more confident & feeling more comfortable in her own skin.

Congrats to Lily!

Anonymous said...

trouble me...bah!

Educatate them in England...the U.S. system is crap.

Vivian M said...

Why should she have to compete at all? Each will have their own different strengths and weaknesses, and if you follow your parents' way of raising siblings, you will let each shine and never compare them. I would not worry about it at all. But if you really want to, you could always send Rosie to us! ;o)

Andie said...

I agree with "anonymous" !!!
(But not about the trouble bit)


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