17 Jul 2011


We have always considered our Sundays somewhat sacred, they are our family day and it is a rare occasion when we don't do something together.
Today wasn't all fun and games. Jacob left so that meant a lovely 4am wake up call followed by a trip to Heathrow Airport, thankfully there wasn't any traffic so we were back nice and early and in plenty of time to meet all the cousins and the rest of the family. We had some family business to take care of today which wasn't a bundle of fun but long overdue and quite necessary.
This was the site of todays family meeting. Not to bad if you have to work on a Sunday.

Once all business was adjourned for the day the kidlets got to play and Auntie Ann got a taste of Rosie, bossy little Rosie who was apparently running a shop and not letting anyone buy anything. I played with her later on and really got a taste of what Ann must have gone through. Note to self, send letter of apology. LOL

A very tired Lily
Stephen. Always great to have him near.
Ann, Rosie and Stephens girls, Katie and Sophie all playing, "casher casher", Rosie's name for shop owner.

Grandpa has promised Lily for the long time to take her up into the old hay loft. She must have decided that today was the day because I was called by my father to hold a ladder. I had no idea for what until I got outside and saw this. If Grandpa and Lily think it is a good idea then there is nothing I can say and do as Grandpa power veto's Mummy power. Hmpfff.

More fun and games planned with Grandpa in the next few days......I'm going out. Right now I am going to bed cos 4am is a daft time of day to wake up.


val said...

That's quite a way to get into the hay loft!! Hope it was worth it.

Andie said...

I have to agree with Mum, Rosie is not the most welcoming shopkeeper! When I played she wouldn't let me buy anything I wanted, she's going to need another career in the future!
Thanks for posting the river pictures.


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