15 Jul 2011

Family, they mean the world

We live so far away from all of our family and we spend a lot of time wondering what it feels like to be part of a family unit. Growing up I was surrounded by my family and when we come home that is how it is all over again.
The girls love knowing that they have all these aunties, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. For the most part when we are in Miami we don't exist to most of them. I mean they know we are there and I phone them and Skype them all the time but if I didn't do that there wouldn't be much contact. I just found out that my Father and his wife don't even read this.

The girls get so excited to be able to see everyone all the time and of course the extra attention goes miles!
This evening we were invited to Andie's Mum and Dad's for dinner. It was fabulous. Uncle Brian, as the girls call him, cooked a really lovely BBQ and Auntie Ann made all the sides. They made sure they had all the food and drinks that the girls love. We all chatted and mulled about and the girls went off on a treasure hunt in the garden finding all sorts of things. Once dinner was over the girls were eating ice cubes because they were served in a proper ice bucket with tongs as opposed to at home where we just push a button on the freezer. Lily and Rosie thought this was much more fun. They just loved being there. Brian and Ann always take time to invite us over and we always have a great time. Even Uncle John joined us but more on that on Sunday.
Thank you so much for a really super evening we all had such a lovely time.

The Master BBQ-er
My father, Jeanne, and Ann
dinner is served
dinner made Lily giggle, oh wait everything makes Lily giggle
Yikes, my Father looks so serious which is funny cos he isn't.
I found this treasure in the garden. You can't tell in the photo but along with bright red lips he has a bright red thingy too.


val said...

Sniff, sniff, sniff......I know what you mean!!1

Andie said...

Glad you had fun, and that you took Uncle John for a final family get together.


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