13 Jul 2011

Last day with friends

Today was our last day with Hollis, Grace and the girls. The good byes were horrid in the girls opinion. I was just so incredibly glad to have been able to share my family with my friends that I would have only spent a day all together if that is all we could have managed. We had a fabulous time. We didn't tour England, we didn't see the sights we just hung out at the girls favourite places doing what kids love to do. Today I watched them playing upstairs in one of the bedrooms and just stood and smiled to myself, marveling at the fact that we are all together in my family home. A home that I played in as a little girl.
Tomorrow we will start to do some sight seeing and drag the kidlets into London and here and there. We have lots of plans for the next few days so it will be fun.


This dolls house has entertained more kids than anyone can count
Jacob's new wheels

in his dreams!

2 cousins came to play
Such innocent looking little faces considering I just busted them being naughty.

Just the other night we were all talking and Jeanne asked which of my parents I got my OCD from cos she claims my father isn't like that at all. HAH, what is she talking about. Today we were all in the house when this strange noise started. None of us could work out what it was. I went out to investigate and found my father vacuuming his garden. Yes you read that correctly, he was vacuuming the his garden. That's not at all OCD oh no that's perfectly freaking normal. I really cannot believe he did this.

Bye bye Hollis and family. Thank you so much for coming. It has been truly fantastic.


Tammie said...

I'm sure that this trip will be talked about for years to come between the girls.

I love Jacob's new wheels! One of my fave older cars. :-)

val said...

Of course that's normal...doesn't everyone vacuum their gardens??? Cracked me up!

Vivian M said...

What an incredible adventure for the girls! Not to mention the trip down memory lane for Mommy. :o)
Your parents' home is just lovely, and that garden should be on the cover of a magazine!
Wishing Hollis and the girls a safe trip home, and may the remainder of your vacation be fun-filled and memorable!


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