15 Jul 2011


My father has 2 little chickens. One is called Gertie and the other Daisy. Both of them lay eggs each day for our breakfast, well they did until a couple of days when Gertie went broody and just sits in the box all day long doing nothing except peck at you if you go near her. We have stopped the girls from collecting the eggs as Gertie is being so possessive and we don't want them to get pecked. Lily can handle her but not Rose.
My Father and Jeanne were discussing what they were going to do with her and how much time they would give her to change her ways before they "offed" her. Lily was following the conversation and wanted to know details, all the details. My father is a fair man, a very fair man, so he has decided that we won't be eating chicken for dinner anytime soon as it would just upset my 2 little city slickers way to much. Phew, that's a huge relief as I would be upset too. Lily thinks we just need to go out and buy a boyfriend for her and let nature take it's course! Grandpa disagrees.
SInce Rosie has now collected fresh eggs from a chicken house I foolishly thought that she understood that chickens lay eggs. I was wrong, at the dinner table the other evening she asked, "where do the chickens get the eggs from, the store?"
She actually believed that the chickens went to the store, bought the eggs, and then buried them in the laying boxes. Oy.
I handed the question off to my father and let him explain!

Daisy is the little one and Gertie is the larger one. She is larger than ever at the moment cos she is all fluffed up as she tries to look pretty for her invisible boyfriend.

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val said...

I can just picture those chickens in Tesco!

BTW: I agree with Lily...Gertie needs a boyfriend!!


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