24 May 2011

Life is a lesson ** updated

Lily is a good girl. She comes in from school and after a quick snack and a few minutes of madness, settles down to do her homework. Once her homework is done I ask her to pack a book bag ready for the next day and place in by the front door. This part rarely happens, She"ll throw all her stuff in it and leave it where it is or she will put some of the stuff in it and I end up adding the other books and or folders to it myself. Last night after, reminding her 3 times, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I took her book bag and placed it by the door and then looked around to see what I could add to it.

I found a flip flop, and the days newspaper. I mentioned to Jacob what I was doing and he loved it and told me to go and get a brick to put in it. I did but after some deliberation we thought she might possibly get in to all sorts of trouble with a brick in her back pack so I removed it. I went upstairs and grabbed a pair of socks and then headed into Rosies room and got one of her dolly's. I carefully placed everything in her bag and zipped it shut. Bwa ha ha ha.

During dinner Jacob made a comment to the girls about how he hopes they appreciate everything that I do for them and how they really don't understand just how much I do. Again bwa ha ha ha.

I went back out to work and upon my return Jacob told me how he ad added some stuff to her lunch box as well.

It is really hard for me to keep secrets so I kept making little comments to Lily about how i thought she was going to have a few hysterical moments at school today. She didn't question it cos it is her field day today and it will be fun. I then revisited Jacob's comment to her last night and she said, "Mummy, I do appreciate everything you do but most especially I appreciate you taking me out of that dreadful orphanage". I just looked at her, utterly speechless. I told her she is my daughter and she doesn't have to appreciate THAT. WIthin seconds we were back to being silly. As I was trying to teach her a lesson I also learnt one: her past is never far from her mind and she is starting to understand more and more about it.

As she got out of the car today I made another quip and she looked a tad suspicious. As we drove away I told Rosie what Daddy and I had done and she giggled.

I can't wait to pick her up today and see what she thought about all her extra stuff. I just really hope she has learnt a lesson and will now pack her own book bag instead of letting me help her!

*** Lily is hopelessly unflappable! She said at first she thought all the stuff in her book bag was from Rosie so she laughed about it with her friends and then at lunch she actually thought her Daddy and placed her thermos in an old sock to keep it extra cold. (seriously, what on earth?) She said it wasn't until she read the note that it all made sense but it didn't faze her. Alas, I have learnt yet another lesson: it is impossible to mess with this kid and if I need to teach ehr a lesson it needs to be done in a sensible way. How dull. LOL


Tammie said...

Love it! You & Jacob are such fun & funny parents! I would love to be a fly on the wall when she opens her backpack & lunchbag.

Lily's comment about appreciating you knocked my socks off & brought immediate tears to my eyes. Erin doesn't say anything about her life before us, but I wonder what she thinks.

Polar Bear said...

Lily's comment caught my breath! Wow!!!

I wish I was a fly on the wall at Lily's school today! Very clever you two! VERY clever!!!

I can't wait to read the next post...

val said...

The comment would have "floored" me! The rest....very funny!

Maci Miller said...

Her comment would have reduced me to tears. Good thing she's got a quick thinking mom with a great sense of humor!

So cute are you and Jacob giggling while hiding stuff in her bag! But that Lily, she is a smart one! Gonna be a strong woman and unfazed by the world. That's a good thing!


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