2 Oct 2007

Middle Of The Night Conversations

We have been having a lot and I mean A LOT of thunderstorms lately. The tropical kind that rattle your windows. Many of them have occurred in the middle of the night so Lily has been coming running into our room, pillow and Bunny in hand and ready to get comfortable.

We have no problem with her sleeping in our bed. I know it isn't meant to be a good thing but honestly, we love it. She has always been good about going to bed in her bed so a few nights here and there are fun.

Last week she came sprinting in and I pulled her in and cuddled her when she decided she had to go to the bathroom first before she could go to sleep. Out of bed I crawl and off we go. No sooner were we in bed again and Jacob gets up to go to the loo and then he comes back. Now I am finally thinking, thank God, perhaps we can get back to sleep now when this oh so perky little voice pipes up, "Hey dad, you wanna go and get some middle of the night cookies?" He told her it was to close to breakfast. Now I am really wishing every one would be quiet when she says, and she was really chirpy, "OK., another time, don't tell mum OK Dad". I growled, "I heard you now go to sleep."

Last night this is what unfolded. A huge crash of thunder followed instantaneously by the pitter patter of little feet and me getting whacked in the face by a pillow as she tried to climb in. I reached over and gave her a tug and shoved her into the middle. Ahhh, all was silent when suddenly Jacob starts snoring to beat the band. I reached over Lily and was just able to reach him so I gave him a gentle whack and asked him to stop snoring. Ahhhh, silence but of course not for long. Jacob starts with his nose singing again and this time it really annoyed me so I thought since my legs are longer than my arms I would give him a gentle kick. So I reached around Lily and wham. I also asked him to stop it, in what I am sure was a kind and pleasant wifey tone. The next thing I know Schnoog says this, "Mom, stop talking, I can't sleep with YOU making all this noise!" I couldn't believe it, there she is in MY bed and she has the audacity to defend the snorer. Little girls and their daddy's........it's a beautiful thing

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3D said...

We do love our daddies!

Thunder storm snugglies sound super.

Keep smilin!

Janet said...

That is SO funny. You had me giggling. I could JUST picture it! I think that if I met Lily, I would ADORE her!

Yoli said...

Hah! you discovered the ancient secret. Yes, little girls always take their Daddy's side. I used to do it and now my daughter does it.

PIPO said...

'Gentle whack' - I LOVE that oxymoron.

Ah yes, I remember the days of the nearby snorer. I decided things had to change when I was considering a 'gentle suffocation' Isn't it grand that I am single now?

Dannye said...

definitely a daddy's girl...somebody's gotta stand up with the daddies though, hehe....

redmaryjanes said...

I can so relate to this post! Eli comes to our bed almost every night and Tim is a snorer.

Polar Bear said...

Nose singing! That is a riot!!!
Thanks for the laugh. I needed it!


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