8 Sep 2007


I have had a home project to do for absolutely ages and since the weather is so gawd forsakenly hot I decided that today was the day. We have a piece of furniture that needs to be refinished so Lily and I took it on today. We started by sanding it and she was a champ but I realised that this really old piece is made up of more than one piece so consequently it is different types of wood so if I took it down to the bare wood and stained it, it would look even worse. We had to rethink it and the final decision was to paint it.

The sun must of got to me cos I let Lily help, well at least with the priming. Silly, silly me.

So Far So Good

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Photo Sharing - Video Sharing - Share Photos - Free Video Hosting

I am not a particularly self conscious person, sure I have my quirky body parts that I am not overly fond of but for the most part, W.H.A.T.E.V.E.R. but I do not, repeat NOT, like my laugh which for someone who spends all her life laughing is just plain weird. Due to this fact it was really hard for me to post this next video because I am howling like a shrew but it is so funny that I decided to bite the bullet. Watch the part when Lily realises that she has painted the handle, she slaps her forehead and it caught me off guard. Shortly after this was taken we called it quits. I tried like the dickens to get the Schnoog primer free in her bath but it didn't happen. I was scrubbing so hard that I thought she might bleed. She managed to get it all over her legs and toes. This project is now my project which I will complete once she is in bed or at school but it was hilarious painting with her.

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Nikki said...

Hey Dawn, for some reason the video is all choppy when I watch it so the sound is CRAZY (and it has nothing to do with your laugh)...I happen to love your laugh. (and dislike my own) But with our Lilys -- we are just gonna have to get used to the sound!

Dannye said...

Dropshots is so annoying it took me 3 times to see it all the way through, but when I did I was laughing like a lunatic, your laugh is contagious and nothing awful about it...besides how can you not laugh when you have one of the biggest comedians around...that is one silly funny gal!!

Janet said...

I couldn't watch it-sigh. But it LOOKED really cute from what I could see.......:-)

amy said...

what a post..Love her smile and glad you had some fun

Cindy said...

Dawn, I love your laugh. Alot better than what my mom called my "Cackle". Lily's expressions are so cute!!

Pug Mama said...

I don't know why, but once again, I can't view your video - ahhhhhh!!!!
and I soooooooo wanted to hear your laugh!!!!!!

Polar Bear said...

That is so funny!! She is such a cutie!

You have a GREAT laugh! Your laugh is a happy laugh! I think everyone hates the sound of their own voice.

Good luck with the project!

I didn't have any trouble with the video. I did pause it though and let it load all the way and then hit play. I don't know if that will help others.

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

Awesome! I love your laugh, it's very contagious. You should hear mine, I sound like a mouse..:-(
You're a better woman than me because I don't know if I would have the patience to let a 5 year old paint furniture. (and then video tape it.. LOL)

You Rock!

3D said...

Cutie pie!

You have a lovely laugh.

Keep smilin!


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