21 Jul 2007

Back To School

Since we are leaving in a couple of days and won't be back until a couple of days before Lily starts Kindergarten I suddenly realised I needed to get her back to school shopping done. She decided that once she was dressed that she looked like a big girl and a girl in a magasine and asked me to tape her for "her" blog. So here she is, modelling.

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Once the Super Model was done with her posing it was off to buy school uniforms. In uniforms she still only wears age 3 so I have to tell her they are size 3 because heaven forbid she thinks she is wearing "baby" clothes. Then it was off to the Disney Store to get her a new back pack and lunchbox. She wanted princesses....whew, what a surprise.

And finally we headed to the shoe shop for new shoes. I think these are the most adorable little school shoes I have ever seen. We always go to Stride Right for school shoes but they had the most ugly and boring shoes ever so we went to a little kids boutique and spotted these. I was so happy when she liked them.

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Shortly after we came home our neighbour came over to check out the school uniform because her little girl and Lily are going to be in the same class. Lily and Isabella decided to split the uniforms evenly, including the shoes.

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And there you have it. Who knew it would all be this much fun. In case I forgot to say it, I love those shoes. They came in red too but Lily didn't want red shoes for school but maybe she should have them not for school!


Beckyb said...

Love the styleshow, Love the Shoes, Love the girl!!! :)

redmaryjanes said...

You have won a prize at Elizabeth's Baby Shower, come on by and let me know what you'd like.

amy said...

love the shoes..I cant wait to get LynnMarie ready for school!

Dannye said...

how very cool!! loving the shoes, and the modeling, quite the attitude model she is...I love it!!

aimeeg said...

Those shoes are seriously adorable! And I loved the video--great attitude:)

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

Those are some cool school shoes. Hard to believe it's getting close to time for school to start again already. Where has the summer gone?

We'll miss ya while your gone. Have fun!

redmaryjanes said...

I started a new string for the shower today, so drop on back if you like!

Nikki said...

I so wish we lived closer...I just wanna see that little one LIVE. Love the modeling show. (My Lily has already started "posing" too -I am in such trouble).
Her uniform is still a 3? What a peanut.
I am crazy about the shoes too. Both girls look cute as buttons sporting those, and they REALLY look cute with the uniform.
Can you believe your baby girl is starting kindergarten? Oh my word!

Patricia/NYC said...

Adorable shoes, most adorable model! :)

lucky momma to a sweetie from Hubei

Holly said...

Such a stylish girl! Love the modeling video! BTW-The shoes are adorable.

Lauren said...

She is sooooooooo cute!!!!

Steffie B. said...

Too stinkin cute! What a little model!

Janet said...

I wish my stupid monitor had sound. The one I have right now HAS NO SOUND! ARG! Anyway, she LOOKED really cute! I think school uniforms are the bEST!!!!


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