21 Jun 2007

Yip, Yip, Yip, Yip, And More Yipping

I have been trying to dodge the latest rumours about the wait times extending even further but we just received an email from our agency stating that they are indeed increasing and that we can expect to see them hit the 36 month mark. For Heavens sake this is really getting on my nerves. For the first time since we started this journey Jacob actually got fed up and down with this news. Until now he has been the voice of reason and the positive force behind me but this proved to much for him and he folded, only briefly but he did. I hate to see him get down cos when he is affected it must be real. Oh well soldier on.

Miss Lily had a craft attack yesterday. She has a Klutz book called simply enough "Foam" and she went on a foam mission and made all sorts of little animal magnets. She would not let me help her at all. She spent ages doing them and after they kept falling apart because her glue stick glue isn't strong enough I plugged in the glue gun and she was very happy to have some help. But let me tell you I was only allowed to glue where she said and nothing more. I took her picture with her handiwork because quite frankly I think it is amazing. There are just pictures in this book and she copied them and they are not meant to be magnets she added that twist to them. Damn, this child is a genius. I was going to post it yesterday but I had such a huge headache I quit early!

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Today I noticed that some of the flowers that I recieved from Ray and Dannye had past their prime so I decided I should weed them out and re-do the arrangement. After all my hard work Lily marches into the kitchen glances up and says, "Those look like you did them when you were blind and then pulled them through a hedge backwards". Yes, those were her exact words. Jacob nearly peed himself as did my father when I told him! Just so you know they look quite lovely!

I have to attend a seminar for the next 5 days so I wont be blogging. I won't even be able to regale you with the fun times that I had there either since this is all work related and not adoption related so it will probably bore the pants right off of you, heck some of it will probably bore the pants right off of me too. Jacob is holding down the fort in my absence so it is possible that he will post but don't hold your breathe.

Dannye have a fabulous birthday.
Ryan and Stacy congratulations on making it out of the review room.

See you back on Wednesday.
Adios, muchachas.


Holly said...

Way to go lily! Those magnets are very creative and she did a great job making them!

Janet said...

You are right. She is DEFINITELY a genius! Love her comment. Further proof of her "genius-ness".

amy said...

Those are awesome..I think a lot of us are in denial about the wait, hoping there will be a change

Steffie B. said...

Love Lily's creations! They are excellent! I'll tell Emmie you were thinking about her.....you are her favorite blog after all. ;)

See you next Wednesday. ;)

Polar Bear said...

That comment from Lily about your flowers has me in tears from laughing so hard. She is one smart little girl!!

I LOVE her magnets. She IS a genius! A crafty talented genius to boot!

It is so hard when Ryan gets down about the wait. He is like Jacob in that Ryan is usually the strong one about this whole process. When he is down it it really tough. Luckily we don't both ever get down at the same time. That would really stink!

Enjoy your seminar. I hope you don't get too bored and you learn a lot. :)

Thanks for the good wishes, too. Boy I had more to say than I thought! :)

PIPO said...

We'll miss you while you're gone!

Those animals are so cute...fabu job, Lily!

3D said...

She is talented and a comic! Love the magnets (esp the ladybugs...I am partial to them...always have been).

Enjoy your conference?!?

It is hard when the ones we love are sad & there is nothing we can do. Harder to see that then to experience the pain ourselves. Hugs to Jacob (and you gals also!)

Keep smilin!

Special K said...

Love the magnets! Can you guess which one is my favorite? :)

Lily is a little whippersnapper. The stuff that comes out of their mouths... too funny.

Try to enjoy the conference. But wow... no Lily fixes for that long. How will we get by? LOL!

Briana's Mom said...

Have a great trip! Don't let those nasty rumors get you down!

redmaryjanes said...

I'm sure that your flowers looked beautiful. I can't believe she said that, but it made me smile.

insanemommy said...

Your little girl is one smart little cookie. I love her designs.

The wait (especially now) is so long. I don't know how you do it. Really. I don't know if you've mentioned it or not but what is your Lid?

Beckyb said...

Ok - now when can Lily come here and help Chloe with crafts?!?!? Her mother is deficient in that area!!! She did a great job!!

Nikki said...

Are you kidding me with those foam creations!? She IS a genius, seriously, Dawn. I am (again) in awe of your daughter.
And her comment made me pee a little too -- she is hilarious.

I'll miss you terribly while you're gone! See you Wednesday!

Kris said...

Holy poop, what agency are you with? That made my heart heave a sigh and drop right into my stomach.

Holy cow- you have one talented kiddo there, and I think a future writer- she has serious wit and where does she come up with the word choice?!

Lastly, in whatever way possible, enjoy your (boring) seminar. I'll miss you!

M and M said...

What wonderful magnets!!

Enjoy the conference...well as much as one can at a work function!

Headmeister said...

Hi! I've seen you around and found your link at Ryan and Stacy's blog, and just had to comment on those magnets your daughter made - OMG, they're AMAZING!!!! I'm not even kidding, they are just awesome!!!

About the wait... I'm totally in denial and if it really ends up being three years, I think I'll have a meltdown. Just thinking about it makes me want to start that meltdown right now...

Dannye said...

Tag you're it,,,don't you just hate it when you get tagged...missing you!!

Ann said...

It sucks, the wait that is. We're dodging the same type of rumors over here too.

Lily is such a creative one. She's going to be a great big sis.


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