6 Mar 2007

Referrals Are Here

This months referrals have been sent out and sadly for those of us who are still waiting the CCAA only matched 11 days worth for the whole month. So we are now at October 24 2006. This is getting very annoying to say the least and at this rate we could have another year to wait. Mind boggling to think that when we started this process again the wait was a mere 6 months and we purposely held on to our paperwork so that Lily would be a little bit older. (at this rate she will be geriatric)
Time to send UCIS a big fat check for yet another visa application for the little one.


Nikki said...

Yucky, stinky, sucky, poopy, ridiculous, lousy, crummy, crappy wait!!!!!!

Emmie said...

I know, the wait is long and hard but everything will happen it's supposed to.

Ann said...

I know exactly how you feel. We keep saying that our child will be in high school by the time he comes home. Hang in there girl, I know this sucks!!! But we'll all get there eventually right...Do I sound convincing!!!:o)


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