19 Aug 2013

they did it anyway

They did it anyway, start school again, that is. Every single year at this time I try to stop it but my efforts are futile and they head off anyway.

This year was different. One of my babies children headed off to middle school, middle school do you hear me? How? My other baby child became a first grader. crap. They are getting really big.

She looks so confident but will it last?
Oh yeah, Lily is ready
Good grief, thems some big feet kidlet.
Rosie is sticking to her sister like glue
I really think my days as a blogger are done.  sigh.


Little Bitty Damn Houze said...

They are ADORABLE! Hang in there Mom! Soon they will be graduating and you won't know how the time flew by! Enjoy every minute!

likeschocolate said...

Too cute! We have two he same age.

Glinda said...

Beautiful; can somebody please tell me where the brakes are so I can stop my girls from getting to this age! I cannot imagine what I will do without them home with me...perhaps I can re-enroll in school and go with them. :)

Brandi said...

Well look at your little fashion-istas! I hope they have a fabulous school year.

Alyson and Ford said...

They are both so cute and growing up! Please don't give up blogging! Have you made it into a book? I think Facebook is faster, but how to save it so I don't have to make a separate photo album or scrapbook? I really like making an annual book from our blog. Happy Fall! It is finally cooling down here, in the low 80's! Love seeing photos of your beautiful girls!

Alyzabeth's Mommy


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