4 Jul 2013

You did what to your birthday present?

My Father claims he doesn't like any fuss made over him at all, he doesn't like us to spend money on him and that includes buying gifts. Doesn't need anything at all. For Fathers day he made it perfectly clear I WAS NOT to buy him a Fathers day gift, so I didn't. I bought him a gift that was delivered a week later with a card that said, Happy NOT Fathers Day. Bwa ha ha. Really does he think his stubborn streak ended with him?

So today is his birthday and it is one of those milestone birthdays but honestly when you have a Daddy as wonderful as mine all birthdays are milestones and need to be celebrated. The man receives tonnes of cards for his birthday because he is just a really really lovely person. I told his wife to expect cards but his gift wouldn't arrive until the day before. She said she would be on the look out for it and would squirrel it away for me.

Yesterday she sent an email; Just to let you know the card is here but no gift as yet. Hmm, oh well I felt sure it would show up today. I rang him this morning, his early afternoon and asked if it had arrived, no it hadn't. Then he said, Ohhh, there was a phonecall for you, something about a delivery. Something was out of stock but they could send something else instead. I knew it must be for me so I told the chap, Ive told her not to waste her money on me, don't worry about it. Don't send it.

Oh yes he did.

Eleventy billion  long distance phone calls later and it is being delivered. I haven't laughed so hard in a really long time.

It is so ironic that he actually answered the phone. I actually rang him back tonight just to tell his wife that the reason his present hadn't arrived is because he had intervened. She laughed too, a lot.

Happy birthday Daddy. and thanks for the laugh.
Photo courtesy of his wife, Jeanne.
Official birthday portrait. 


Anonymous said...

What a lovely photo. even I remembered to send a card this year.And today would have been mummy's birthday, I think she would have been 74yrs.

likeschocolate said...

What a sticker! He sounds like a character! Happy Birthday to your dad!

Valerie Emerle said...

Oh too funny......I love him!! So typically english!

Jeanne said...

Now I look at it again I can see where the dinosaur came from (hadn't noticed it before). Not to sure about a dinosaur but it's definitely reptilian, how bizarre.

Vivian M said...

It sounds like you take after him. ;o) Happy birthday to your awesome Dad!


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