2 Jun 2013

Not during Hurricane season

You would think that after living here for so long I would know better than to start a DIY project in the summer because it is our rainy season. I didn't give it a second thought when I decided it was time to revamp the DVD cupboard. Everything went swimmingly for one hour and then it rained and it hasn't stopped since.

I have had an unruly stack of DVD's and CD's in the middle of the living room for way too long. I have had a cupboard with no doors on it for way to long and so today was going to be the day come hell or high water. I had an unexpected work call this morning but after that it was, "game on".

I'm done. It did rain and I cursed like a sailor and dragged everything inside but no sooner had I done that it stopped again so I cursed like a sailor and dragged everything back out again.

I have a new love. Rustoleum, primer and paint in a satin finish, I just wish it didn't smell so bloody awful. I could never be a junky the smell of things just make me gag. I was outside in the wide open and it still got to me...stinky stuff that. But, it is so freakishly easy and dries so fast. I am not a patient person and I really hate waiting for paint to dry and when I stain furniture waiting about kills me so this is my new go to tool. Whatevertookmesolong.

It isn't 100% dry but it is all put back together and just waiting to be loaded up again.

I have never known anything have so many screws in the hinges, EVER
hmm, the hardware looks crooked so i just checked and it isn't. I must have been when I took the photo. Blame it on the bloody fumes.
Now I just have to load it up and find something different to put on top of it. Buddha won't show anymore cos he is black. maybe I can call him camo-buddha.

 Next job...paint the living room. Hmm, I wonder if I can do that it in a day. Oh hell yes!


likeschocolate said...

I don't know how you can do it on the heat. It looks fantastic! I have all my DVDs in a folder. That way they don't take up space

Valerie Emerle said...

Great job! Make sure you find a good spot for Buddha.....he's very cool!

Valerie Emerle said...

PS you could spray paint him gold?

Alyson and Ford said...

Good job! Looks great!

Alyzabeth's Mommy

Pam said...

Looks great! Can't wait to see how the living room will look when its finished! Hope to see you guys SOON!

Vivian M said...

That looks like a totally different piece of furniture! Well done!


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