3 Mar 2013

Taking it to a whole new level

Today was a swim meet but it was a different kind of swim meet, this was Lily first ever Championship swim meet. She had to qualify in the heats and get invited back to the finals in the evening. Now I don't like to sound like a negative nelly but I didn't really think that that was going to happen.

We are currently in the frosty grasp of a cold front and it was bloody freezing  quite chilly here today. These kids are not used to it and even though ours pools are all heated they certainly aren't used to getting out into temperature in the 50's. I thought for sure it would somehow impact her swimming and it did.

Her first heat was the 50, fly. As I watched her waiting behind the block I could tell she was cold. Once she finally climbed on to it and waited for the starting whistle I knew she had to be freezing. Once she hit the water i have no idea what happened but she shaved, 19+ seconds off of her time and came in second. It was amazing. No one shaves 19 seconds off in one heat. Apparently she nejoys swimming in the cold as this was her M.O. all day.

She finished her next heat first, which was 200 free and them she placed as an alternate in the IM.

She was invited back tonight. The whole drive there in the car her mouth just wouldn't stop. The chatter was mind blowing and when I asked her if she was nervous she said, Yes! Well it didn't show because kidlet took a silver medal in the fly and a gold medal in the free. With her teeth chattering and her knees knocking from the cold she pulled down deep and swam like I have never seen her. Even her coach walked over to her lane and was rooting for her. Everyone was screaming her name...they have no clue they can't hear a word. She can't make out the boards if she is too far away and tonight was one of those nights. She knew that she was neck and neck with the girl in the next lane so she didn't know until I told her, that she was 1st. Her smile lit up the sky.

Meeting the Jamaican Olympic swimmer
Yiks I feel bad but I have no idea who this Clare is only that she was a gold medal winner for the US swim team. 
That's quite a gangly dive you have there, kid
But who cares this is the fly and you haved, no make that hacked, those 19 seconds off of your time
Tonights gold medal swim See, that girl next to her was neck and neck with her. it was so close right to the end.
My latest obsession, capturing the flip. I have but it isn't the kind of photo Lily would want posted.
Leaving the turn
Some of her teammates this evening.

I wrote this last night and failed to hit publish. It's 5.30am Sunday and we are heading out the door to do it all over again Send her some happy thoughts the temps today are in the 40s and it is raining. Oh my word!


Valerie Emerle said...

Wow Lily...that is fantastic!!! Congrats.

Dawn you think maybe she swims faster just to stay warm? I always walk faster when it's cold or at least that's what Popster tells me!

Johnny said...

Congrats on her achievements!

As a former (child) racer, you can sorta see your competition in the next lanes. But as you realize that you can gauge their progress, you also realize that you are not concentrating on your own swimming and probably falling behind!

Vivian M said...

Way to go Lily!!! Awesome!

likeschocolate said...

Yeah for Lily! How exciting! You have a champ in the making. I miss my days as a swimmer. So much fun!

Jeanne said...

Way to go Lily - you really rock sweetheart - so proud of you. xxxx

One Happy Mama said...

Go Lily, Go! How exciting!! You got this girl! ~Nancy

Joanna B said...

Congrats to Lily! You must be so proud...love the pictures, she looks beyond thrilled :-)

Tammie said...

WTG Lily!!


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