7 Feb 2013

Emergency call into the tooth fairy

Tonight the tooth fairy will be visiting.
She will be visiting 2 seperate bedrooms in this house.
She will be leaving donations under 2 different pillows.
She will be making 2 little girls very happy.
2 little girls who think it is so funny that they both lost teeth on the same day.

The girls went to the dentist last week for their check up and the dentist couldn't help but notice Rosies 2 front bottom teeth wobbling about all over the place and her 2 new teeth standing to attention behind them. He also noticed her new 6 yr molar that erupted. He wouldn't be much a dentist if he missed any of it, lets be honest here.

He then moved on to Lily. He couldn't help but notice that Lily is 10.5 yrs old and still has most of her baby teeth. In fact she is about 12 months behind most kids her age in the tooth loss department.  He also couldn't help but notice the area on one of Lilys teeth where she was getting her floss stuck. Uh-oh. Turns out Lilys teeth are firmly rooted in her mouth and are just not coming out so they are starting to dissolve. Not just the root which is supposed to dissolve but the whole darned tooth.

Whats a good dentist meant to do with all these teeth? Extract them of course.

We went back today to have them  ripped out of their heads  removed.

Lily went first and on a closer inspection it was decided that the tooth is almost loose and is not hurting her or causing a problem so she can keep it and let it fall out on it's own. But, but, in an ironic twist Lily marched out of school today and said, Mummy, notice anything different about me? I knew immediately she had lost another tooth.

Rosie was a different case and hers had to come out. Kidlet has more teeth than a shark. I was so impressed as she sat so very very still and didn't make a sound as they worked for all of 5 minutes and pulled her 2 bottom teeth out. She was so brave. When it was all over with I looked at her and realised she was as white as a ghost so I swooped in and picked her up. With her safely in my arms the colour returned to her face and she no longer looked as if she would faint or pewk.

The dentist handed her her teeth in a special little bag and off we went. Once the 10 minutes was up and she was able to remove the gauze she smiled like a cheshire cat and hasn't stopped. She just keeps staring at herself in the mirror. So cute.

And then tonight at bedtime she could barely contain herself when she followed in her big sisters footsteps and put her teeth under her pillow, oh yes she did. She put a little note with them too asking the tooth fairy to please not take them.

I don't know why but it has just warmed my heart all the way to it's core tonight watching both of them smile with big gaps and watching both of them tuck their tiny little teeth under their pillows. Sigh.

I think I need to take out a loan.
Rosie and her gap
Lily and her gap. (yes she does have yellow teeth but unfortunately these she inherited but we can change them later)
Look at those teeny tiny teeth
another teeny tiny tooth
I think the tooth fairy will oblige.


likeschocolate said...

I hope you didn't forget. I have forgotten a couple of times. Bad mommy I am! Good thing tooth fairy is always forgiven and can come a day later or too!

val said...

Ooh exciting! I love the tooth fairy....she used to leave special "fairy dust" & notes for my granddaughter who I swear believed in her until she was 12!

Alyson and Ford said...

We are taking AA to the dentist today to see if her bottom two need to be extracted, they are not loose but the two permanent teeth are directly behind the two front baby teeth and puking all her teeth out of alignment. We will be waiting for the puking too as AA does that every time at the dentist. Oh how I dread this!
How much does the tooth fairy leave these days?

Alyzabeth's Mommy


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