16 Feb 2013

A situation

I am pissed off, hurt and generally really quite fed up.

Very soon after the girls started swimming we, Rosie and I, encountered a mother, whom I shall call Nanny McPhee, in the stands. Rosie was walking down one set of stairs along the deck and up the other set of stairs. She wasn't running, she wasn't making any noise she was just walking. Now bare in mind that I am Hitler so had she been at all disruptive I would have put a stop to it. I take games, books and things for them to do whilst they wait for each other. Out of nowhere Nanny Mcphee gets all over Rosie and Rosie comes back to me very scared and quiet. I told her it served her right and she needed to sit down, end of story. This was 18 freaking months ago.

Nanny Mcphee has NEVER spoken to me. I have smiled, said hello etc etc and NOTHING. Yesterday she came up to speak to the lady sitting behind me, a friend of mine and says, hello to her, to the lady next to me and ignores me again, so I said, helloooo, in a very happy voice and she shot me the death look. I asked her why she refuses to speak to me. She replied in very broken English, I will NEVER speak to you EVER. I was shocked, totally flabbergasted, knock me on my arse with a feather, kind of shocked. The 3 of us all looked at each other.

After she left I asked what the hell it was all about and what on earth she thinks I have done. I am a nice person and always give people a chance. Apparently she thinks my kid is unruly and nearly hit her with a Croc one time. Aha, so that's it is it. Wrong kid!

Today the girls both had a swim meet and she was there. I went up to her and very gently touched her arm and asked if I could talk to her, She swung around, whipped my hand off of her and said, No habla Ingles. I was so effing pissed. I replied, habla Espanol. It knocked her off guard and she marched away.  I really don't know what is with her but I tried to take the high road but now it is game on.

A little later on I went to tell Lily something and she was sitting talking to a friend. They were playing video games. Lily was sitting on a cooler. Once Nanny Mcphee realised Lily was with me she told her to get off the cooler as she was too heavy. Suddenly she speaks the language, how convenient. Okay.  Lily's friend asked her to sit in the chair with her so then Nanny told the Mother in Spanish to tell her to get out as she was to heavy and she would break it so the mother did. I gave the b*&ch the death stare and dragged Lily away. Then Nanny, so named cos she looks like Nanny McPhee at her ugliest started bad mouthing me and my kids to other mothers in Spanish. I then reminded her that I spoke Spanish which left the other mother looking a little embarrassed, and walked off. (I can say hello, where is the bathroom and would you like another olive, I never said I was fluent.)

I really don't know what is with her. I have been told by so many people that she is just crazy. Well guess what I think she is just a trouble maker and everyone lets her get away with it. I dont think she should be allowed to intimidate people and be downright nasty. If you let people like her walk all over you she will.

You can mess with me but don't bring the girls into it.

Bring it Nanny, I'm ready, game on!

More on the swim meet later.

Darn it, I thought swimming was void of the whackkos.


val said...

Kill her with kindness....people like her absolutely hate that. You just be all "sickly sweet" & i guarantee it will drive her nuts!!

Oh & maybe you should sign up for a quick spanish lesson!

Luciana said...


Anonymous said...

Typical Miami behavior. Keep in mind a lot of Latinos down here are incredibly racist and hate white people. Sickening behavior!

Tammie said...

If you ever want to tell her off properly in Spanish, let me know. While I never learned the nasty stuff, my SIL is Cuban & would love to help sweet Lily & Rosie with Nanny McBiatch. Annie is all about kids so this would probably please her no end.

As for you, don't bother trying to make nice. She isn't worth it. You are a super fab mum who is raising super kidlets.

Vivian M said...

I am fluent. Call me and I will tell you exactly what to say, loud enough so she can hear you talking to me in perfect Spanish. If I was there, I would do it in person. Ugh.


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