25 Jan 2013

Time passages

  • 5 years ago we were waiting to leave for China to bring home Rosie.
  • 5 years ago today exactly, we received our consulate appointment.
  • in 9 days time, the baby that was waiting for us in China, will turn 6
  • 5 years ago Lily was only 5 and had the squeakiest high pitched voice I had ever heard 
  • my babies are getting very big very fast.

5 years ago Lily looked like this
Lily 5 yrs old. Our last mummy and daughter day out together before she became a big sister.
and I don't know what Rosie looked like 5 years ago today because I hadn't actually seen her but she looked something like this, which is her referral photo

I fell head over heels in love with this photo
and this, which is her on Gotcha day....not her happiest of days. (have no fear she soon cheered up)
Rosie at 12 months. The Civil Affairs office in Guandong Province PRC.
Time flies when you become a parent, enjoy every second of it, savor each moment, make the good times far out weigh the bad, laugh at your mistakes but above all remember YOU are the parent, you are NOT a friend.

thank goodness for blog readers that are on the ball and can add. It wasan't 4 yrs ago but 5. Duh.


val said...

Hey Lady......aren't you off by one year?? It's now 2013!

Briana's Mom said...

LOVE this post! It is always fun to look back. And your last statement is absolutely correct!

Anonymous said...

love bb.xx

Tammie said...

4 years? 5 years? The girls are amazing either way.

Mari said...

:') I love them so much! That was absolutely beautiful! Don't worry I can't do math either lol! I do know 1 year and something ago we met you and I am so happy we did <3

Luciana said...

What a great post. Thank you for sharing.

These girls are so beautiful. Congrats.

Vivian M said...

So fast. In a blink of the eye. I am so glad we are blogging so we can look back!


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