14 Dec 2012

This might be the first post I have ever written that doesn't have a title. I tried on about 5 for size but they just weren't working, for example: The human spirit, Random acts of kindness, Are you kidding me and finally, Humbled.

Sometime ago I started reading this blog, I don't remember how I found it but from the first post I read i was hooked. It's the story of 3 little girls and their fabulous, crafty, super hero Mum who takes care of them. She has to be a superhero because her youngest baby girl has leukemia so life for them is non stop yet somehow she still manages to do it all and she does it with grace and a smile.

I always stop and stare at any one who is crafty because that is a gene that skipped me. In fact I have a serious craft gene deficit and as much as I would love to get my craft on it usually looks like I allowed a class of blind 2 yr old lizards do my projects so I have stopped attempting any.

Earlier this week, Super Hero Mum made a huge amount of Christmas gifts that left me dumbfounded. If you click on the link above and scroll down you will see them. Today in the mail a huge box arrived and it contained some of those amazing gifts for my girls. Yes, really. I know, utter madness. This lady has no time to even scratch her head, no time to get a cup of coffee alone and she sends my little girls gifts. have I mentioned we have never met?

When I saw who the box was from I grabbed my camera as the girls dove in. Lily was home from school sick. (again) (grr). With Lily being under the weather it actually gave Rosie a chance to be in charge, always a nice change.
Can you believe these gorgeous little gingerbread aprons?

Rosie, who won't get caught dead wearing a any sort of girly froof hasn't taken it off. She got quite persnickety with me when I told she could NOT wear it to swimming tonight. Lily also loves hers and when i asked if she would like me to lengthen the ribbon on it for her she wouldn't let me near her. I'm craft deficient but I'm not a craft murderer, sheesh.
Gingerbread play-doh.
Lily couldn't believe how yummy it smelt.
The play doh smells just like ginger bread. In fact it smells good enough to eat.......don't tell anyone but it smelt so good that I actually had to taste a tiny, weiny little particle and I mean tiny. And I can report that it was a bad idea. But if you could smell it you would understand why. My kitchen smells so good.

Trish, Hannah, Taylor and Hailey, thank you so much. We wish you a Christmas with no new surprises, of the medical kind, no overnight visits, to the hospital but one that is filled with lots of fun and giggles and tonnes of good days.

Both girls proudly hung their aprons tonight and Lily smiled at the kindness of strangers.

and now you can see why I am hooked on this blog and this remarkable family. Go visit them and offer a word of encouragement because frankly our worse days aren't even close to Trish's good days right now.

Thank you.    ♥


likeschocolate said...

Love the aprons! They are so darling! I am going to have to ask her for the recipe on the play doh!

val said...

Another reason to love the "bloggy" world!


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