26 Dec 2012

That over the top full of fun day.

On Christmas eve the girls went to bed quite late so I thought, somewhat hopefully, that they might sleep until 7am. HAH!

Rosie woke up a first, spied her stocking and yelled, really loud, "Lily wake up it's Christmas". Lily didn't need any further coaxing.

Excitement abounds
And from that moment on the excitement level just kept creeping up and up. I love seeing their faces on Christmas morning. The first thing they always do is check that Santa ate his cookies, he did and he left them a note.

and he had!
From there they headed full steam ahead into the living room and waited for the, all clear, to start unwrapping. The pile was huge and it took them forever, of course it would have been faster had they not stopped for some outside time in what has now become a tradition. Charge outside in your pajamas on Christmas morning and ride whatever new toy Santa bought for you. I'm quite sure my neighbours just shake their heads in horror.

Okay, one photo but make it snappy we have things to do.
Their gifts to each other, they chose to start with those.
Although she came home from New York with us Rocky (named after the Rockettes)is a Christmas gift and is a favourite with Rosie.
WE lost Lily for about 10 minutes when she opened a book. 
Pajama Mama hits the road.
Ditto her sister.
I hid these bean bags in their bedrooms and it took them hours to find them. Here they are late in the day watching, Brave.
When the day was done and they were snuggled in their beds I asked them what their favourite gifts were and Rosie, so help me the kid is an oddball, said, the pistachios in my stocking. She then said Rocky, and her Razor and her bean bag.
Lily's faves this year were also the beanbag and her Razor.

Lucky break for them that Santa knew they wanted Razors cos I wasn't really sure but they haven't stopped scootering for 2 days. Umm, yes actually scootering is a verb! We even went out last night when it was dark to see what their light up wheels would look like.

We made the day a magical one and hope that yours was too.


likeschocolate said...

Yeah! Glad Christmas was a sucess!

val said...

Looks like so much fun! Guess what? It is snowing like crazy....stay tuned for pics!

Catherine said...

What a wonderful, fun day! Your girlies look adorable scootering in their jammies! What a fun tradition.

Glad you had such a great day!

Vivian M said...

Merry Christmas!


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