13 Dec 2012

Norman couldn't get in!

Last night I had this brilliant idea to put Norman in my car. I thought it would be fun to see the girls going crazy looking for him only to give up and then magically find him once they got into the car to drive to school. The plan turned out to be a banner plan because Lily woke up in the night with a temperature and a headache and we were up for hours!

I told the girls that I thought Norman couldn't get back in the house because there was just to much commotion and they were fine with that explanation. Once we got into the car and he was there it just compounded my reasoning. Darn, I must be a genius! Rosie was so happy to see him.

Poor little chap has been here all day. I feel a little weird driving about with him, perhaps I'm not such a genius after all.

Lily felt fantastic when she woke up this morning but I put her on restriction anyway. So many people are poorly at the moment and I don't want her getting any worse.


Vivian M said...

I bet you could raise some serious cash by coming out with a picture book on all the different things to do with the elf that is not supposed to be on a shelf!

val said...

Sheer genius! Too bad you didn't get pulled over......you could have used the "Norman made me do it" line!


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