29 Dec 2012

Lions and Tigers and Alfie, oh my

Our friends recently got a new dog and Alfie is no ordinary dog. First off he is enormous. Second he is just the sweetest most gentle giant around and third, I like him. With all my history this is shocking. The girls have wanted to meet him from day one but life just hasn't allowed it to happen. Today we made it happen, spontaneously and they were thrilled.

Alfie is huge but he is a scaredy cat. The slightest noise and he cowers and runs to his mama. If someone he doesn't know comes to his house he will shy away until his big sister lets him know all is well. Once you go for the second time he can't wait for you to get in the door. Alfie has a bag of tricks the size of Santa and can't wait to show them off, once he knows you that is. I have seen them all and when I go in he grabs my arm in his teeth and everso gently pulls me to where he wants me to go. Then he smiles at me with this toothy grin that just makes me laugh cos it is so darned cheesy.

Meet Alfie and his big sister Snickers.

Gorgeous dogs and fabulous friends.

When the girls walked in Alfie didn't know what to make of them. He was so happy to see me but so unsure of the girls. Rosie was also a bit unsure as he stands nearly as tall as her. In the end everything was fine and once he finally calmed down he sprawled out on the floor with Rosie on top of him. They were amazed by him.

Snicky isn't really very fond of little people and she doesn't hide it so Rosie knows to stay clear. Snick will generally check out who is coming in, see that it is small people and just walk away. Today though she stayed and the girls gave her a wide birth and she loved it. Slowly she allowed them to give her attention. They never got to close, they stayed arms length and Snick decided to bathe in the affection. After about 20 minutes she got up and walked away. It was really nice to see her finally calming down. She is such a sweet and protective dog she deserves some loving too.

I forgot I had a camera in my bag and once I remembered I didn't want to move anyone around so I took pictures from where I was sitting. They aren't great but you can see how snuggled everyone became.

Lily put Rosies hair clip in his hair
I'll just use you as a pillow
Just relaxing.
Time to say, Good Bye, Alfie style. Lily thought it was hilarious.
All I have heard sine we left Richard and Shara's house is, oh I wan t a dog, please can we have a dog?


val said...

OMG Molly would love Alfie! He look like a big goof just like her. His name fits him perfectly!

Vivian M said...

In love with Alfie! Maybe it's time to get a dog? I think you can handle it. ;o)

Anonymous said...

love lily's hair!


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