19 Dec 2012

I'll just eat, "dat one"

The girls ate their weight in candy  decorated gingerbread houses on Saturday afternoon. I should have just locked them in a candy factory, thrown away the key and said, eat your way out! In all fairness, Rosie ate 10 times more than Lily, in fact she ate so much she was heard uttering the words, I don't feel good. She didn't look good either.

They had such a great time and their finished houses are gorgeous. They even took over the making of the mince pies this year. They were determined to do it all themselves.

Making mince pies
No help from me
Both girls got their own set up complete with a muffin tin full of candy.
Ready to start sampling!
Such concentration
I'll just eat "dat" one also
Busted! Sucking the icing right out of the tube!
In the meantime the BIG sister was just taking her time and creating a masterpiece.
Rosies house
Rosie used the sweets she liked
Lily's house
The roof says, Let It
Snow. Do you see her little campfire? 
I love the different style of both my girls, Lily the perfectionist and Rosie the, the, the, well Rosie. Rosie would copy every single idea that Lily ever had if I let her so I encourage her to do things her own way. (it stops Lily from getting cranky and it allows Rosie to be Rosie,)

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val said...

Love Lily's little campfire....first thing I noticed!


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