24 Dec 2012

I think I might be nuts.

Once I get an idea into my head, no matter what the idea is, I have to see it through. I was hellbent on the girls seeing the Big Apple for Christmas. Getting there was a non- issue, getting back, impossible. At one point in the last 48 hours I had cars reserved at 2 different airports as my back up plan. I didn't want to get stranded and not have a rental car back up what with it being Christmas Eve even if one of those plans involved driving for 19 hours and 18 minutes. It's my type A personality, my I CAN do anything personality..........that or I need a shrink!

The girls grandparents unknowingly aided my "need" to head up North. They sent the girls American Girl gift cards for Christmas. They also graciously said the girls could have that gift from them early. (see I told you they aided my nutiness) Since the biggest AG store is in New York it was a no brainer. When the girls woke up yesterday morning at 3:15am this is what they saw.

They were giddy
We went straight to Midtown from the airport by cab and had the most amazing cab driver who pointed everything out to us. This was the girls first trip to NYC and I haven't been there for many years. By the time he pulled to a stop in front of Rockerfeller Plaza we were already speechless. We jumped out of our cozy cab and were slapped by one strong wind. No worries, we were ready, hats on, hoods up, 2 pairs of gloves per person, on, so many layers we looked like the doughboy but cold was not going to halt our fun. Since Rosie gets so cold so easily this was a huge concern. Other than I really thought my ears were going to freeze off the cold was not a problem for us. It was in the 30's all day and we were so bundled it was pleasant. If at any point we got chilled we dodged into a building.

  The girls faces when they saw "the tree" was priceless. I too was awestruck. It was freezing, it felt like Christmas, there were lights everywhere and there we stood in front of THE tree. Really, for that moment you could have knocked me down with a feather.

Looking fat and happy like the jolly guy himself
No words
The whole plaza looked fantastic

Why yes, I did take a picture of that! 
look at Rosies face, it's priceless
We stopped for a quick snack
Lily with the NBC building behind her. we were in the NBC cafe

After our pick me up we head around the corner to here, the reason for our trip!
Radio City Music Hall, right before our eyes. WOW
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The girls in front of the sign
The lobby, breathtaking
OMG, look at that chandelier
That smile says it all
waiting for the show to begin and wearing her 3D glasses.

The show was amazing. 90 minutes of amazing. We laughed, were enthralled, we amazed, you name it. Those girls are top notch fabulous. I have video but I am not going to post it. Some if it just amazed us. Nuff said, buy tickets. Once we left it was time for lunch, we are not big foodies so that was not a fancy affair and also time was of the essence. The girls then wanted nothing more than to head to American Girl and I can't blame them. By now it was packed every where we went and my photo taking became less and less. I took a couple of them in AG but they turned out really awful. I didn't carry any hand luggage we flew by the seat of our pants! I left my bigger camera at home and went with my little Canon purse job. I really struggled with that decision cos I wanted good pictures but needed the room in my purse. Here are a few random shots from the rest of the day.

A street, I don't know what one
The buildings are so high
Police officers everywhere and they really are the finest. So nice, friendly and helpful.
The best of the bad shots from inside AG
I loved this window at Saks
Christmas everywhere
Keeping guard of the magic windows at Cartier
All of a sudden Rosie yelled, Mum, look it's Elmo.
A weird shot of an iron bridge
On the flight home Lily was looking at her purchase.
Rosie on the flight home.
We did lots of other things that we don't have photos of. Seriously you need a personal photog to just follow you around. Now that would work! It was the most amazing day and once we got back to La Guardia we didn't have a chance of getting on a flight, it was oversold and every passenger had checked in, so it looked like I was in for a long drive. We sat at the gate waiting for the bad news when my name was called, I was told I had a phonecall. All I will say is the female voice on the other end said, You are on, don't worry". I hung up and walked back to my seat next to the kids. Then it happened we were handed 3 boarding passes, all together and we got on! Now that's a Christmas miracle. Thank you to my miracle worker. and thank you to New York City.


Briana's Mom said...

Now THAT was an amazing blog post! You are making me want to go to NY City! Truly amazing!

Catherine said...

Wow!! You did ALL of that in 1 day??!!! You're amazing! I'd love to go to NY one day but think I'll take a slower paced trip Phew - you sure had fun!!


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