19 Nov 2012

As mad as a hatter

Yesterday afternoon the girls wanted to head into the Grove and since we had no other plans we did. What they really wanted was to head over to Kennedy Park and see A.C. for an icee but as we drove down Main Highway they were distracted by an art festival and decided that we had to go and investigate it.

Of course it wasn't just an ordinary little art festival because we wouldn't happen across one of those, oh no, this was the Mad Hatter's Art Festival. As we walked down towards the bay we were greeted by many people wearing many odd hats and and were directed where to go by some fabulous signage.

Leave it to my girls to find such a thing.
Ya think?
No sh*t
men should try this.
The art festival had some super stuff and I managed to do some Christmas shopping. Phew, finally. As we were leaving the girls were handed hula hoops to play with.
hooping fool
Lily always shows more decorum

After they had worn themselves out made themselves dizzy we strolled back to the car. As the girls were deciding which medium they were going to use for their next art project and how much money they would sell it for they noticed this little fella and HAD to have their photo taken.

We never did make it to get an icee so we stopped for a frozen yogurt instead. Blech...it was horrid and as much as I hate to admit it I tossed mine in the bin. I think the girls have decided that they are going to paint rocks...oh lordy help me.

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val said...

That peacock is "over the top" awesome!


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