6 Sep 2012

Pulling out my hair?

I know it is ridiculous to stress out of over this blog but the fact that is is slowly disappearing is making me nuts. The other day a friend of mine asked me why I know longer write it.
She then told me what she thought my last post was, so after a little detective work I went back and worked like a lunatic, non stop for 3 hours, and think I may have found the problem.

Is it back?

Is the side bar back?

Or once again am I the only one who can see it?

If you scroll down are there posts again?

Thank you so much for answering this impromptu survey.



Johnny said...

I usually read your postings from Google Reader, unless I want to post a comment. Thus, I still read...just indirectly.

By the way, of all ironies, an ad for La Caja China, popped up for me at the bottom of your blog page.

One Happy Mama said...

Good grief! What did you do?? LOL ... it looks fine to me, yes you have a sidebar and links and I can see your posts!! In the future, "no, no touchy" LOL ~Nancy

Polar Bear said...

I see you. All of it is here.

I'm a terrible commentor, but when I see your title in Google Reader you're the first I read. I love, Love, LOVE reading all of your posts. When I first starting reading this post I thought you were going to close the blog. My heart sank, and I quickly clicked over ready to beg, borrow, and plead you to keep writing.

Thankfully I read the rest of the post and my world centered again. I am so in awe of the girls and their swimming, I couldn't imagine missing it when R makes the team. :o)

I hope everything is fixed for you!

Ps. I LOVE your heading.

Andie said...

Yes, I can see everything again, archives, photos and traffic. Well done, just think of it as another step in becoming a computer programmer!

Love Letters To China said...

I see you too! I wasn't able to see your sidebar a few days ago. Whatever you did it worked. :-) You are getting very techie my dear.


Catherine said...

I see it! Keep up the great writing.

Luciana said...

Umm, I think I see everything there.

val said...

I see you!

Anonymous said...

At last...i have all your old blogs that i thought i had lost....xxxbb

Vivian M said...

I see it! But now mine is disappearing, I cannot post. :o(


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