26 Sep 2012

My Yin ate my Yang

It's rare that I ever feel tired and beat up but this week has been one of those weeks, yes I know it's only Wednesday and today has been a particularly trying day.

Rosie has been in such an annoying mood all day today that by 7.00 o'clock tonight I decided she really needed to go to bed. Lily looked at me and said, Mum you do know that it is only 7 don't you? To which I replied, "Shhhhh".

Yep, I'm going for mum of the year again. I honestly believe that Rosie removed the part of her ears that hears today and tossed them willy nilly into the air with wild abandon. Wildchild did not listen to a word anyone said. Not one. She just threw caution to the wind and decided to rebel. It didn't get her far and she didn't like the consequences but she tried it. And then she tried it again and then again. WTH?

Even reverse psychology didn't work on her today she was hell bent on driving me bat sh*t crazy.

I just hope that when Wildchild opens her itty bitty eyes in the morning all traces of hell bent are gone. If they are not I just might try wine for breakfast.

Night all.

1 comment:

val said...

Oh My! Is Rosie showing a new side to her personality? She is probably stretching her wings & testing you.
Good luck!

PS Wine for breakfast could be good. Whine for breakfast,on the other hand not good!


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