24 Aug 2012

Life is coming up Rosey

A few little Rosie snippets cos it's been awhile.

Rose doesn't sneeze she has "bless you's" and as soon as she has a "bless you" you better immediately say bless you or she will get upset.

She still uses a Loff joff instead of a washcloth.

At age five most Rosie-ism are long gone yet she still says, dis, dat, dare, and doze instead of this, that, there and those. It drives me up the wall.

She also, done something instead of did something, which is another pet peeve.

Her blanket is still needed but only at a night. This is something new but since school started it appears to have been all but forgotten. Her thumb is the same story.

She spends most of her time talking to herself when she plays by herself and it's hilarious. She has a great imagination and her games always involve saving people and odd costumes.

Her lisp completely disappeared on it's own but will make an occasional re-appearance is she is very sleepy.

The other day she was looking at a photo of me when I was a child and didn't know who it was. When I told her it was me she replied, Wow, really, but you weren't even Chinese then. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer bless her.

Rosie loves to help me cook and the bigger the knife or the bigger the gadget she is using the happier she is.

She still loves playing "casher casher", that would be any game she can play that used her cash register. That is the best money I have ever spent! Child spends hours being the casher casher lady.

Yesterday in the car we were listening to kids songs and London's Burning was playing. After a few verses I realised that Rosie was singing, Lunch is burning, Lunch is burning, call the engines, call the engines. She won't believe me that the real words are London's burning!

She has grown really tall but still only tips the scales at 31lbs, scrawny little thing.

Who wears these?


val said...

Ooooh....Rosie is growing up!!

Tammie said...

Love hearing all of her Rosie-isms! Pretty soon your 31 pounder will catch up to my eternal 50 pounder.


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