13 Jul 2012

Stagnant summer

Oh my this summer is just not happening. For the first time ever we haven't gone home and we don't have a big trip planned. The weeks are just sliding away and we haven't gone away and it stinks. Yesterday I realised that the shops have there back to school supplies in...OMG, really? We are meant to be doing all sorts of things but "things" are getting in the way. "Things" are getting complicated and stressful. Today when some things had been checked off the to do list I decided I had to run away so I rang Jakie and asked if she felt like an A.C.'s icee.

 She didn't need her arm twisting. We picked her up and headed to the Grove. We grabbed our icees and sat under the shade of a really big Banyan tree and just relaxed and watched the girls play. I then had this brain wave and threw everyone back in the car and we headed to the beach. We of course weren't kitted out for the beach but we didn't let that deter us nor did we let that the fact that we would have to stay for a while or we would get stuck in monumental rush hour traffic.

We headed over the causeway to Key Biscayne and went to what I call the trashy beach. You just pull your car over and bam, there you are. Nobody was there so we just jumped out and paddled in the water. Paddling doesn't suffice when you are a kid. I told the kids to take off there shorts and use there undies. Rosie then managed to end up swimming in her clothes. Lily followed suit about 10 minutes later. I had 3 tiny little hand towels in the car but they were no match for the mess the girls were in at this point. Jakie and I paddled around and really loved the tranquility of it all. At some point my dearest daughters plotted to get me wet and get me wet they did. I got soaked. To. The. Skin.

 It was fun and no harm was done and I just drove straight home keeping my fingers crossed that I wouldn't have to stop for any reason and thankfully I didn't. The girls loved the spontaneity of it all, especially the part when they drowned their mum.
THe girls and I, still nice and dry
Jakie and the girls
Oops, Rosie getting wetter
Still dry here but she ended up getting the wettest out of all of us. 
Laughter really is the best medicine.


val said...

Those days end up being the bestest!!!

Vivian M said...

I love how spontaneous you are, and that you are not afraid to let the girls get wet and/or dirty and just have fun. These are the moments your kids will always treasure! You don't need to go away to have an awesome summer. I think you are doing fantastic on your staycation! :o)


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