29 Jul 2012

Remember that beach I found?

Do you remember about a month ago when I raved about a beach I had found here that was gorgeous? We went back again today and about the gorgeous bit, uh, not so much. As we approached the sand I was happy to see that not to many people were there again at least not to the North side. (shocking isn't it that I am using north and south but when standing slap dab in the ocean even I can figure it out!) We trekked along the sand and marked our turf, so to speak. With great haste the kiddies gobbled some lunch and headed straight for the water and before I could catch them up they were heading back to the towels shouting, "ewwwwwww".

I marched down to the water, in my Mummy knows best stance, only to find this:

The ocean looked more like a skank filled river bed and was really disgusting. I scanned as far as I could see and noted certain areas were clear of the scummy weed but there were a kazillion people smooshed into the tiny pockets. ARGHHH.

I was not about to be outdone by a few million people and an ocean full of yuck. We walked along the beach for freaking miles a little way until we found nice crystal clear water and we played there. We ended up having so much fun that we had no idea we had spent nearly 6 hours at the beach today. It was gorgeous and this is coming from a person who thinks the beach would be a great place if it didn't have any sand.

Just as we were ready to leave, the tide was washing in loads and loads of seaweed so I showed the girls how the tiny little fish and shrimp live in it. Before long there was a large crowd of kids all washing the seaweed in the girls buckets and looking at the tiny marine life. They found all kinds of fish etc and loved it. Since I hate touching any life form my job was water girl. They touched and I just made sure they had buckets of water to put everything in. It was a perfect plan. Once we were done everything got placed back in the ocean. I was amazed at my bravery.

Rosie eating her lunch: a butter sandwich.
Lily with not to many people behind her....that's cos they have already noticed the skank.
ewww, see what they are standing near. That is nasty.
it's nice here and we had hours of blissful fun
oddball kid
Rosie wanted to take a photo and apparently also wanted to be in it.
Then of course Lily wanted to take a photo also....with some "dude"in the background
The girls washing the seaweed
Teaching a boy how to do it and what to look for. Moments later about 6 more showed up.
The kids swam for hours they really should be tired but as I write this at 10 pm they are in bed laughing and carrying on.


val said...

I thought the "dude" was your new best friend!

Vivian M said...

Are you sure you were in the same spot? Because that is a LOT of weeds (or whatever that was in the water).


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