6 Jul 2012

Old Sock is new again

Yesterday morning Lily woke up a few seconds after me and walked into our room and said in a reasonably loud voice, "is Dad awake?' If he wasn't before he was then. She then asked if she could have a pair of his socks. He said what anyone that has just been woken up would say and that was, yes. I was intrigued but was unable at that point to string words together. We went downstairs and she got busy. I stayed out of the way. For the next 7 hours she remained very busy and could only be torn away briefly for sustenance.

She went to bed thinking about a plan
When she awoke she wasted very little time putting the plan into action
Busy little beaver, hard at work
She knew what she had to do and wanted NO help
it's taking shape
Meet, dad's old sock, Lily's new friend, Sock Monkey
Doesn't seem to matter what she does
she sticks to it until she gets it right. I think it's cute.
Oh, and this is all that's left of Dad's socks. oopsie.

1 comment:

val said...

I do think this girl has some talent.....she will be a designer one day!


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