17 Jul 2012

Already, so soon

Yes, I am back, already. Have you ever thought that maybe, just maybe your plan was a bad idea. Have you noticed how most of the country is begging for rain? How most of the country is suffering from blistering heat and drought like conditions?Yes well I know exactly where all the freaking rain is. Every single place that I have been. Uh huh. My plan might have been a tad doomed. Shortly after getting in the car on Sunday morning it started raining, it's still raining now and I have clocked close to 700 miles. BUT, I'm not one to give up easily. I'm nothing if not persistent, some might even say I'm persistent to the point of downright annoying, I would disagree.

We had fun which was the object of the exercise, albeit wet fun. We headed over to Tampa to a water park there. We arrived on Sunday afternoon and decided to check out Channelside and the Waterfront, in the pouring rain, not much fun. It finally stopped raining about 8 o'clock that night. I thought that it was a good omen that it rained so hard on Sunday cos it had to be over with. Florida has a lot of rain in the summer time, it's our rainy season which means we get a torrential downpour every day it doesn't rain all flipping day long for days on end so I had to be right with my positive little thought, plus I checked the weather before planning this trip and postponed it once and this time, we were golden, at least we should have been.

We hopped out of bed on Monday, had our breakfast and made our way to the park. Not 2 seconds after parking the car the rain started again. We decided to go anyway because I knew it would just be a quick shower. Let's just cut to the chase here and say that I spent a lot of time explaining to the girls why we were climbing back down the stairs of the rides AGAIN when we had just climbed up them because they had just closed the ride AGAIN because of lightening. We spent a total of 5 hours waiting for the rides to stop opening and closing and the rain barely stopped the whole time. However it did stop and we had a brilliant time and by that time everyone had given up and gone home and there were no lines for any of the rides.

I packed the waterproof camera and even took it with me to the park but I overlooked one little detail. Where does one tuck a camera when riding on a ride whilst wearing nothing but a bathing suit? Don't say down the bra bit cos obviously you haven't looked closely at the size of my bra bit! But seriously who does that? I'm still amazed that women put their cell phones there. So no photos. I'm pretty sad about it to cos Rosie blow my mind as she rode every single ride that she was tall enough to ride. Some of them scared the pants right off of me. She was even jumping off of the cliffs into the pool. She was a complete dare devil for the day. Lily loved it as she had a partner in crime! She rode one of the vertical drop rides and her face was priceless I really didn't know her mouth opened that wide but apparently when you need to scream a the top of your lungs your mouth almost flips open like a hinge. Good times.

We left the park just as it started pouring again and we went to dinner in the rain and even drove home today in the rain. Oh and just for good measure it's rained pretty much all day today.

Here are the 4 photos that I took the whole time we were there.
The Waterfront 
Playing in the rain
waiting for the rain to stop and the slides to open
An ice cream after the fun as we headed out of the park

I came home to a message from the girls school on the machine....GAH! No not yet. I am planning a better trip before they head back to school.


val said...

You can even make rain fun! BTW come see us....we need rain so bad!
Just kidding.....about the rain..... would love to see you

Sherri said...

gosh dang bang rain....but you hit the nail on the head when it comes to Florida and it's down pours in the summer. I'm so sick of rain, but we always could use it. Your braver then we are, if we're heading to the beach and it starts to rain, we will give up. Drove home and jump in our own pool.

Briana's Mom said...

You made the best of it even in the rain! Your Rosie sounds so much like my Bri. Completely fearless when it comes to rides!


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