31 May 2012

Science Project

Approximately halfway through the school year Lilys science teacher sent home a paper asking if any of the students would be interested in having some of their work published in a science book. She was going to gather all the work from the kidlets and send it off to be published. The work they were to do was outlined in the letter.

Lily loves science and wanted to participate. The first project was sent home when she was sick so she sat with me at the computer and we researched meteorology until 10pm one night. Each month another section was assigned and she would research it write her paper and hand it in. Finally she had to choose her favourite topic out of all of the ones she did, draw a diagram to accompany it and give it to Ms Brown for final approval. I sent in the money to pay for the book and frankly I would sporadically remember it but other than that it never entered my head.

Today she came out of school beaming with a book clutched under her arm. The teacher really put alot of work into this book and it's really a great memory for the students to have. The dedication that Ms. Brown wrote to the students and other 4th grade teachers actually made me cry it was so moving. What an incredible teacher. (this isn't the one that just slapped the kids with the massive book project)

When I Become A Scientist

Lilys diagram that explains her work
The question she chose to answer
Her full answer


val said...

That is one very special teacher! Great job Lily

Vivian M said...

That is awesome!!! Maybe there is an award you can nominate the teacher for? Or write a great letter to the school board about her?


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