22 May 2012

Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Hello, my name's Dawn and I am a liar, apparently.
Remember the post a week ago when I said that Lily was stung by a Man O war jelly fish and that she isn't allergic to them? Well she is. Yes, 8 days later she woke up with the exact same reaction all over her arm and side and around her neck and on her thighs. Why it reappeared 8 days later is a mystery to all involved.
An anaphylactic reaction can reappear within 5 days and is oftentimes worse than the initial reaction but this reaction is not systemic and has left every body flummoxed.
She is taking benedryll and that's all that can be done. Thankfully her lungs are clear this time as is her throat, well at this time they are. The first reaction stayed for about 3 days, hopefully this one will head out faster. The first time the welts from the tentacles were really obvious, this time not so much.

So I am joining Liars Anonymous.

Spotty Maldoones arm, the other body parts look the same. This kid is one oddball kid....but lovable as all heck.

Since visiting her Dr. and posting this initially I have researched the heck out of Man O War and have come to learn that in my kid some people after the welts have faded and the rash is a mere memory and the pain is long gone the rash can reappear at any time for up to 14 days. So there you have it. She would have to have a reaction that is out of the ordinary but I'll take this over her reaction to ants any day of the week.


Vivian M said...

Oy...hope this is over soon. Kerri had something similar happen with an insect bite. We did not even know she was allergic.
Boy, it's never boring at your house, eh? ;o)

val said...

Never heard of such a thing.....I guess she is different! Hope it's better soon.


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