11 Apr 2012

Yikes, they grew

I'm not really sure why I took their picture this morning when they were ready for school but I did.

It then inspired me to find the photos from their first day of school this year.
 This is the photo from the 1st day.

2 things caught my eye. 1, they look as scruffy as all get out by this time in the year even first thing in the morning and 2 they have grown like weeds.

Val, i wanted to do a side by side comparison but all I have ended up doing is loading every single one of my photos that I have in my computer on to Picasso, 3 times. Sigh....practice makes perfect.


val said...

It didn't do for you? You'll love it once you get organized. Yes they are growing....I can tell!

Vivian M said...

You can tell by the door just how much taller they are!

Tammie said...

Wow! I didn't realize how much they've grown.

Briana's Mom said...

Oh gosh - they both have grown. Their legs look longer! Still cute as ever though. :D


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