7 Apr 2012

Easter must do's or dyes

If you live in the good old USA then you have to dye eggs for Easter. So we did. I had never done this until Lily came along and I can't say I particularly enjoy it. Each year I try and find a different way to do it. Last year we did the silk dyed eggs a la Martha Stewart. They were very pretty but time consuming and not a lot of fun for the girls. One day last week I found an article all about dyeing eggs with Post It Notes. The eggs looked really pretty and the whole process seemed very easy. Easy enough in fact that Rosie could do them by herself. Lily also requested that we do some of the plain old Paas Egg Dye Kit ones, so we did. I think she was concerned that I was going to get all "Pinterst" on her and it wouldn't be fun so she wanted something she could crawl under the table with and do by herself. Hah, was she ever wrong. The Post It Note ones are the simplest ever and she loved them.
Yes, I did take a photo of the eggs because I thought this would be the last time I saw them in one piece.
We made post it note cut-outs in lots of colours and shapes

Lily's traditional egg dye

The cut outs on the eggs.....so simple

Rosie's favourite egg
Lily decorating
All done. Much less mess and much more fun.
Rosie took it upon herself to Post-It the kitchen whilst waiting for her eggs to dry but I must say it's a lot easier to clean up sticky notes than dye! Hope your Easter is HOPPY.


val said...

How cute....Miss LiLi would love that...especially using scissors!

Vivian M said...

Awesome job on the eggs! We just fill up plastic eggs....and I make deviled eggs. :o)


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